In my recent post – How can it cost nothing? – I tagged business plan software. Full disclosure: I am president & CEO of ICBB, the developer of Plan A Business PlanWorks. This led to some free PR and an increase in visitors to this blog. How can PR work so fast and for free? I subscribe to Google Alerts and get alerted on the keywords “business plan software“. Everyday I receive an alert to websites that use these keywords. Google found these keywords on my blog and alerted me to them as well as four other mentions. Using the alert tool allows me to quicky keep track of the business plan market and glean information about the conversation in this space and about the competition.

The “medium is the message“. PR does work and it can work for free.

The conversation was based around selling more of our business plan software and one of the partners says “why not give it away for free?”

What a great idea! But a bad business idea as we would have to absorb the cost of goods and operations, so we starting figuring out how to reduce the cost to the customer. Why not offer the customer a niche product, say Internet Marketing Plan software and reduce its price to say $29.95 or even $19.95 from $69. And then include a free book with the software to add more value. Because that is what it is all about – adding value for the customer.

So we are moving forward with the plan and will update in an upcoming post.

This blog’s intention is to share stories and information about entrepreneurship and business

I am passionate about being an entrepreneur. I love entrepreneurs and their businesses. I am a lifelong entrepreneur that started an Advertising Agency 3 months after graduating University, sold it and then invented the world’s 1st Marketing Plan Software that has become Plan A Business PlanWorks business planning software with my partner Ed.

So enough about me and let’s discuss why free? Sharing is the short answer. After conducting countless seminars for small business on subjects like business planning, marketing, financing, sales, the art of negotiation, I want to share my information with the world for free. The only way the free world is going to come out of this recession is through the success of small business. Small business is the backbone of any economy.

The purpose of this blog is share stories, ideas, information, contacts and resources that can help any entrepreneur.

Your thoughts, comments and any information that can add value are welcome.

Let’s enjoy the journey of discovering success in each of our businesses.